Is Melo going to be traded today?

Edit: Looks like this rumor, was, in fact, just a rumor. Burt Steele tricked everyone.  As of now, it does not look like Carmelo Anthony will be getting traded today.  Certainly not by the time Steele reported.

There has been speculation for a while now that Melo is headed to Houston.  The speculation had died down in the past week though, due to other things like the Kyrie Irving situation.  But all of a sudden Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweeted that the Trail Blazers, long rumored to be the third team in a Melo trade, had traded Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets for Andrew Nicholson, who they subsequently released.  Now, there could be two reasons for this: Preparing for a future Melo trade where they take on Ryan Anderson’s contract, or saving $40 million dollars in Luxury Tax.  Possibly even both. Another piece of evidence suggesting Melo will be gone is this Burt Steele post.  While he may not be a very good source, he knows GM Daryl Morey on a personal level, worked for ESPN at one point, and his post history suggests he has some kind of source.  On June 22nd, Steele tweeted, “A little birdy just told me the Rockets are about to make some moves. #carpediem” and guess what happened 6 days later? Chris Paul got traded to the Rockets.  So, while Steele is nowhere near a perfect source, we must at least be alert and prepared for a Melo trade at 5:45 (central time).


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